Jet Lag Woes

Jet lag is a BITCH! The worst thing I have found is the feeling of still being in the plane and feeling the motion of the plane.  The morning today wasn’t so bad, had slept on the plane and we woke up to breakfast was being served and once off the plane we felt kinda fresh.

Of all days, the underground tube had broken down and Helen was unable to pick us up. Felt proud of ourselves that we managed to navigate the underground and find our way to her place since we have never been on an underground system before. Mum and I grew up in the country and have never really been city people.

While waiting for the bus at the arrivals section of Heathrow, a man ran past us and stole a briefcase from a man just two rows away from us. This was our welcome to London/England, needless to say we learnt a valuable lesson that day – literally keep a hand on your gear if you don’t want to lose it!

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