Exploring London

Not feeling too bad this morning – and never knew that there were pills you could take for jet lag! Mum and I wan to go into London so we can grab our 2 day underground rail passes compliments of our travel agent and have a look around.

Got to Victoria Street Station and there were so many people you just have to see it to believe it. Again mum and I come from country towns in Australia so this is quite an experience. People moved like waves on the ocean – there were huge crowds of people that never seemed to stop coming off trains the whole time we were there. At one stage I had to grab mums arm to stop from being carried away and separated.

The travel passes were great as it meant that you could travel as many times as you wanted on the trains and saved money. We stepped out of Vic station which is right in the middle of the city and the people and traffic everywhere was quite daunting.

Another tip – don’t buy tickets for journeys when you are not sure where you want to go otherwise they are worth anything and you can’t return them. Oh well decided to go on an open double decker, hop on/hop off bus tour around London central.

This was a great tour to get started with. We got a real sense of the historical side of London. Had to go and see West Minister Abbey. The line into the Abbey was two locks long and four rows wide.

We didn’t realise where the end of the line was and it wasn’t till about half an hour later I realised that mum and I had pushed in. This was definitely worth it however we weren’t able to take any photos which was a bit of a downer.

We jumped back on the bus and decided to go upstairs and well, in true English style it began to hail and rain and there was no room to move downstairs 😦 We had an umbrella but that turned out to be completely useless!

At the end of the day we were settling right into our holiday…it was just as we imagined – crowded and dirty – love it!

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