Today was definitely the day! I feel settled, calm and jet lag free. I am struggling with standing to the right while walking up or down stairs, escalators or footpath. No matter how many times I saw the sign, the message just did not sink in. A lady behind me tapped me forcibly on the shoulder and did not look impressed that I was on the wrong side of the path. Oh well I shall keep trying to remember – Step to the Right.

I made it to Hinemihi our marae that was taken down in New Zealand, then reassembled on the Clandon Park estate. While in Clandon we had a bit of a look around and although sill lots of traffic, this was our first taste of a typical English town.

Had our first English pint along with a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, homemade horseradish and bloody tastey gravey in a little English pub….or as mum calls it ‘the Motherland.’ We had Speckled Hen (a warm/room temperature beer) which went really well with the meal.

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