The Hard Slog Month 1 – January 2016

While watching my Aunty Tuhipo pass away at Christmas 2015 I had a life changing epiphany. One of the things I admired most about my Aunt, she lived her life exactly the way she wanted. She did what she wanted, when she wanted and absolutely loved her life. The only regret she had in those last days was that it was all ending too soon – she died aged 67.

So my epiphany…that I was not living the life I really wanted to live. Then I had to ask myself, if this isn’t the life what is? I went through a list of what excites me most, when do I feel alive. The key answers – Nature, being outside my comfort zone, physically doing something and have different experiences often.


Serena ‘Feisty Chick’ adventurer! Now that sounds like something to try. Decided to cut my teeth on Appalachian Trail. However I certainly don’t look like an adventurer nor am I really in the condition I need to be. Hell, my quads can get sore from getting up off the couch to quickly and I can get puffed walking from the car to the kitchen!

But damn I want that life – so step 1 is to increase my fitness level. I have been to gyms before and been quite fit before so I am aware of the Hard Slog and focus required. This time I thought I would not only join the gym but also pay for a personal trainer – a first for me. I joined Anytime Fitness as it fits with my lifestyle and work commitments, plus I go back to New Zealand often and can use the local gym there as well.

All I can say is… the Appalachian trail looks a long way off on Month 1, Day 1 🙂



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