The Hard Slog Month 2 – February 2016

Decided to see a Nutritionist this month and chose Nutrition Plus in Melbourne, Australia. They have a Inline Body Scanner and while it may not be as accurate as a DEXA body scanner, I’m not wanting to be a body builder so the Inline scanner will suit me fine.

I don’t just want to lose weight, I want to understand my body better. What it can and can’t do and how to feed it correctly to maximize input and output. Also want to fuel my body correctly on the Appalachian Trail.

state of the nation
I have also been quite curious over the years with regards to being Polynesian and if it has any impact on my muscle mass and bone density. 

Yep I have a few kilos more muscle mass then the average woman my height and size – gotta take the small mercies.

Not sure how I really feel about all of this and the money that it costs, as I have never paid a nutritionalist before… Oh well we shall see soon enough. 😊

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