The Hard Slog Month 3 – March 2016

This month has been pretty good. I have managed to stay on track with my food and exercise.

Although of course this is in a days and there is quite a way to go. I’m normally quite good in the beginning it is hanging in there for the long-haul that gets me.

I never realized how difficult it would be being on my own during this time.  Normally I have had somebody there who helps push me out of bed in the morning. 

Part of what the organization  that I work for does, is provided nonaccredited training and learning. 

I was also to give a talk about my journey, how I arrived do here and why am I doing what I’m doing. I called the session finding your mojo. 

Because that is exactly what I’m trying to do – find my mojo. Find that something that excites me every day and makes me happy and makes me feel alive.

Exercise in of itself has never been my thing, although after a while I have begun to like it in the past and I am hoping that will happen now. 😊

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