The Hard Slog Month 4 – April 2016

 I have another appointment to have a body scan in a few weeks and am freaking out to put it mildly.

In the past when trying to lose weight, I have always relied on becoming obsessed. Once obsessed I am normally good to go and focused.

This is not happening this time around. What is going on?! I am liking my personal trainer I like my program I just am struggling so much with the food side of things.

My father is really unwell and I’m trying to use that to push me a little this month – because my father (actually both my parents), have been fairly fit for most of their lives and my dad is a bit disappointed that I’m not a fitness freak.

So far that hasn’t really helped me at all! I can’t stop thinking of NZ and how excellent the country is for getting outside and participating in outdoor pursuits. The green, the cool air once in the bush, so many other people outdoors giving fitness a go – it all helps encourage activity.

Here in Horsham (Victoria, Australia) is extremely flat and the nearest hills are about an hour out of town….blah blah blah…

Anyway here’s hoping I get it together next month. 😊

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