The Hard Slog Month 5 – May 2016

Here are the results from my latest body scan…

As you can see not to much has been happening over this last few weeks.

Really I think I’m just not doing enough cardio. Even though I have dropped two dress sizes now I’ve gone from size 26 to size 22, trimming down is going at a snails pace.

Now I just need to get to a size 18. I have seen the top and pants I want to wear on the Appalachian Trail on the Kathmandu website and the largest size they have is an 18 – and they will be a true 18!

The one thing that indicates to you that your body shape is changing is clothing size. If you are not a 14 you cannot squeeze your ass into a 14 no I meant to how much you want to.

So getting into a size 18 has become my focus, I’ve seen that it is achievable. My nutritionist said that I should buy the size 18 top and pants to use as motivation – I am hesitant though cause the clothes are not cheap and if I don’t fit into them in the end….

Oh well, keep plugging away and see what comes of it all 😊

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