The Hard Slog Month 6 – June 2016

This month saw me attend a third visit with my Nutritionist (@ Nutrition plus in Melbourne, Australia).

I went quite feisty and was ready to ditch her and do my own thing. I just felt I wasn’t getting the information that I needed. While ranting to my niece about my angst, she asked me very calmly (and a little smugly if you ask me – she does know me well!) ‘Auntz have you actually told your Nutritionist exactly what you are doing and what you need?’…

Hmmm, I couldn’t actually remember if I had. Needless to say, no I had not. Once I told her my objectives; that I wanted to thru hike the AT and what I was looking at on the trail and that I need to fit size 18 clothes (I have seen these pants and top I really want) then the whole plan changed.

Really?! I can’t believe I never said anything! What was I thinking! Oh well lucky my niece is a thinker.

Bit dissapointed with my body scan this month, although I wasn’t expecting a lot as my father passed away this month and Maori funerals go for days and are filled with delicious food.

I still lost a couple of kilos, but my muscle mass hadn’t shifted and I was expecting a percentage increase with all the strength training I’m doing. The nutritionist explained that I shouldn’t see any real difference due to the muscle fibers becoming stronger and not bigger. To get bigger muscles I would have to work out a lot longer and harder than I am. On the flip side apparently, I should have seen a muscle mass loss which is generally the case. when people start exercising and restricting their calorie intake.

Oh well on to the next month

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