Hard Slog Month 7 – July 2016

Well this month has started with me ‘freaking’ out that I only have 8 months to go before I hit the Appalachian Trail and I still have 2 dress sizes to drop. As you may have read in my previous blogs I am not trying to achieve a particular weight, rather I am trying to get to a particular size – size 18. A true 18 and not an 18+.

7 months in and I am still having issues with adjusting what I’m eating and how much of it I’m eating. {rolling my eyes} So I am putting more focus on output – increasing the amount of exercise I am doing.

I have incorporated Tae Bo with Billy Blanks into my exercise regime – the last time I used his videos I lost 20kgs in about 4 months. I am also trying to do half an hour a day of yoga for flexibility and to aid with muscle recovery. We shall see if this makes an impact!

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