Melbourne to Adelaide

melbourne to adelaide.jpg

Picked mum up from the Melbourne airport and as it was late in the afternoon we stopped in Ararat and stayed at Acacia Caravan Park for the night. Originally we were going to be driving straight through to Adelaide, but mum had been travelling for most of the day already so had a pit stop. We stayed in a unit which overall I would rate  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A friend gave me a window sticker for my back window which I thought looked cool – especially since mum and I are from Queensland and my dad is from New Zealand.

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As we are travelling in my Toyota Camry, we were able to load the boot and car with all the necessities and ‘luxuries’ that you can take when you’re not carry it. From experience, when travelling with your mother for a long period of time, space or the feeling of spaciousness is paramount to harmonious relations. Cramped conditions is not ideal – see my UK blog to see how that can go!

As I mentioned before, I am a planner and I plan for emergency situations as well, even for holidays. I reckon it was from growing up in far north Queensland watching my parents hosing down the house during cane burning season (at one stage we lived in the middle of a cane paddock) baton down the hatches during cyclone season, watching tourists dying from heat exhaustion or crocodile attacks on the news (due to poor decision making and not taking heed of warning signs), watching the speed and power of fire season decimate communities, having to watch out for stinging nettle plants (bloody ugly painful things), Dingo’s in the scrub, angry kangaroos, Cassowary’s, snakes and ocean creatures like jelly fish, sharks and stingrays which made me aware that poor decisions around nature lesson your chances of survival and we must be aware of our surroundings.

When planning for any trip I don’t rely on the fact that we may be close to towns or passing through them regularly. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Aussie conditions can change dramatically and very quickly. A good situation can turn deadly if not aware or prepared – temperatures where we were travelling can reach over 40°C in the shade. Now these situations and fatalities may be rare don’t get me wrong, but I for one would like not to be that 1 in 1000 people who do die while on holiday or out in the bush. I learnt growing up in rural and remote Australia, that your survival depends on you. That there is not always someone, including the state services that may be able to come and rescue you – I also grew up in an era where cellphones and the internet was something on science fiction shows. I want to holiday and survive to blog about it!

So where am I going with all this you might ask? When I talk about loading the boot and car we had enough food water and equipment to last both of us several days should the need arise. The boot was so packed it felt like I was towing a trailer – even though we had booked into motels or caravan park accommodation all along the way and we weren’t going off road. Overkill some may say – I just know I want to survive in comfort and some style.

Getting back to the drive. Adelaide was our ‘preparedness’ stop. We stayed at the Stanley Cottage in Adelaide and it was fantastic! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ accommodation. I am a smoker so we looked for a heritage apartment that had a courtyard. It was private and the hosts were lovely, they even left the radio on for us so when we entered it seemed as if we had just come back from down the street.

We pulled everything out of the car, I went through it with mum – well I talked and held stuff up and mum feigned interest…mum likes winging it and rolling the dice LOL and I google street view the shop I want to go to.

Went to the Adelaide markets, which are fantastic, I love the yogurt shop there.

 photo credit

Supplies stocked, equipment checked, mum happy we’re ready to go …

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