Pinnacle Fail

OK so I need to know how to read a map better! I have been enjoying doing the kokoda memorial trail with my niece so this morning I thought I will do the Pinnacle track at Halls Gap.

This is all part of my build up to the Appalachian Trail. Some of the Grampians walking tracks can be quite hard. From what I can tell they will certainly help.

Example of some of the steps

I guess this is meant to be a stairway 😊

Anywho…I wanted to do the Pinnacle walk from Wonderland carpark:

Wonderland carpark to the pinnacle.
Distance: 5.5km return
2.0 – 2.5 hours Elevatuon change:280 netres Grade: Medium/Hard

But no…I  went to where I thought wonderland carpark was and began walking. And where was wonderland carpark?

Just after recording this, I did bout half  dozen paces…thought nah I’m done. Turned around and booted it back to the car.

Then had icecream at the best ice cream shop in the area. People from Horsham (where I live) drive to Halls Gap for icecream all the time.

Boy do I have a way to go yet. If my legs are feeling okay tomorrow, I’m going to do Mt Zero.

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