MSR Titan Titanium Ultralight Kettle

Total Weight of Cooking System: 480 gms including the 230 g gas canister

Rated this product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ instead of 5 stars because it is better with the modifications.

Advertised Weight: 119 g
Actual Weight: 127 g
Weight without Lid: 88 g
Weight after Adjustment: 142 g
Internal Capacity: 850 ml
Cost: $117.89 AUD (including postage)
Retailer: Find Sport

I have had a couple of different cooking systems and this has to be my most efficient yet.

This kettle is just enough and very ideal for one person. I don’t cook anything in here that requires any more than boiling water. I don’t like cooking that much at home, let alone out on the trail.

I saw a review about modifying the handles on the Kettle and it has turned out to be a really good idea. I have used fuel hose from Super Cheap Auto, paid about $5 for 40cm of piping. In the review I saw they used silicone tubing, but I didn’t want to pay $30 + postage for a modification which I didn’t know if I would like. So hence the fuel piping – this has worked really well for me. When carrying the pot it feels really steady and easy to grip.

The first part of the modification is taking the handles off and turning them upside down. They easily pull out, however can be a bit stiff to start the first time.


Once off, I cut the required length of fuel pipe, cut down the middle of the pipe with a Stanley knife, wrapped it around the handles then covered the handles with standard electrical tape from Bunnings. I used fuel pipe as it is highly heat resistant and had a good feel to it. The electrical tape was used as some black dye was coming off onto my fingers.


The handles on the Kettle are attached to a plate that has been riveted to the Kettle. The rivets are approx 200ml apart which is handy to know for measuring. It can be a bit hard to see them clearly on the inside of the pot and I am going to take my pot into town and get an engraver to engrave a measuring line for clarity.


The Kettle heats up very quickly and it only takes about 4 – 5 mins to bring water to the boil. However, more often than not to save gas, I pull the pot just before boiling point. Once you put your noodles/quick cook rice/ dehydrated foods in the water it will take about 15 mins to hydrate.

I don’t carry a plate therefore eat straight out of the pot which is easy to do with this kind of pot. Very easy to clean after use. The kettle is big enough and deep enough to put my spoon, stove and canister stand inside with the lid securely fitted on top.


I would highly recommend this product

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