Kathmandu Backpacker Stove

Total Weight of Cooking System:

Rated this product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it is lightweight, easy to use and seems quite hardy.

Advertised Weight: 50 g
Actual Weight: 50 g
Weight of the Stove Container: 42 g
Load Capacity: 2.5 kg
Cost: $83.99 AUD
Retailer: Kathmandu

General backpacking stoves are all fairly standard to me – I’ve never had any really bad experiences with the ones I’ve had. I have only ever used gas canisters due to their ease of portability and usage, also I haven’t back packed anywhere where I have need fluid gas stoves. I have included the weight of the stove container, however I don’t use it at all, not interested in carrying the 42g, besides the stove will be fine inside the pot.

The stove is 55mm W x 75mm H x 32mm D and is really compact and lightweight. The flame adjuster on the side could be easily replaced if it broke. This stove is ideal for boiling water and making basic one pot meals, however would not necessarily be any good for making anything where you need a lot of control over the flame.

imageThe guide that came in the packaging suggested that this stove was best with a 230 g gas canister – not sure why it wouldn’t be okay with a bigger gas canister. However the 230 g suits me as I don’t carry anything bigger.


The spread of the arms is such that the MSR Titan Kettle fits very nicely on top. Which also means that the amount of gas required to bring something to the boil is reduced.



Takes approximately 4 minutes to boil 600-700ml of water and out of one 230g canister I have been getting about 10 boils. This does require a wind guard otherwise you have to turn it up really high.


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