Other Bits

Total Weight of Cooking System: 480 gms including the 230 g gas canister

Weight of the Spoon: 12 g
Weight of the Canister Stand: 34 g
Weight of the Gas Canister: 230 g
Cost of Spoon: $5.00 AUD (approx)
Cost of Canister Stand: $32.90 AUD
Cost of Gas Canister: $11.00 AUD
Retailer: (Spoon) Coles, (Canister Stand) Wild Earth, (Gas Canister) Local Disposal Store

I don’t have or use any backpacking crockery or any other utensil than a spoon and I use a gas canister stand. However there isn’t enough information on both to create individual posts about them, so have combined them here.  As you will see on my MSR Titan Kettle post I eat straight out of the pot.


Gas Canister

It is recommended to use a standard 230g butane/propane mix gas canister which is readily available at any camping store. I get approx 10 boils averaging 4 – 5 minutes per boil which is more than enough for my needs and usage.




I actually use a tablespoon measuring spoon I bought in a bundle from Coles. It is made of tough plastic, I like the overall size of the spoon generally and the deep spoon suits me.



MSR Universal Canister Stand

This is the first time I have bought and used a canister stand and wouldn’t look back. I couldn’t count the amount of times I have had my meals spill onto the ground due to de-stabilisation. This works brilliantly and only adds 34 gms and is worth every gram and folds down nicely and fits securely inside my kettle. Using the stand makes it easier to put rocks or foliage under one of the legs to level it all.

The stand measures 13.5 cm H x 1.5 cm W, folded out it measures approx 20 cm squared. It has a spring loaded clip on one of the legs so it can fit a variety of different sized gas canisters. Highly recommend.



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