Total Weight of Cooking System: 480 gms including the 230 g gas canister

Rated this product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it is lightweight, easy to use and I made it :).

Weight of the Homemade Wind Guard: 12 g
Cost: $5.00 AUD (approx)
Retailer: Coles

I have trialed a couple of different homemade tinfoil/foil wind guards and found that this particular one has worked best for me. I like the strength of the BBQ foil trays, they stand up to the high use situations of cooking after a long day.

Having used a wind guard like the one below, I found it to be e heavier than I want to carry and a bit awkward and cumbersome.  This is especially true on uneven ground – perhaps it was me…either way I decided to make my own.

I use these BBQ trays for BBQ’s and thought one day that it would make a really good wind guard as I could mold it into the shape I need at the time. I buy these from Coles for about $5 for 4, these are the small ones. I tried the bigger ones but they were just too big.

As you can see, I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to beautify it or get it looking really good, but it is functional and works really well. I cut one of the sides to allow space for the pot.


The small piece cut out of the side fits snugly around the lip of the gas canister and works a treat.


As you can see, the pot fits on the stove comfortably and isn’t hampered by the wind guard. I can fold the wind guard down to a very compact size and they are easy to come by – or something very similar.


No doubt you may have you’re own homemade wind guard, if so please share the link, I am always interested.

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