Cat hole Trowel

Rated the cathole trowel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it is super lightweight, easy to use and I liked the story behind it.
Weight: 12 g
Cost: $54.37 AUD (including international Shipping)
Supplier: QiWiz

Having to poop in the outdoors often worries people the most when thinking about or planning overnight hikes in areas without toilets or dunnies (as we call them in Aussie). What to do? and Who wants to talk about it?

One of the major issues for nature and wildlife is how we dispose of our human body waste. Even biodegradable toilet tissue is still an issue not only for nature and it’s ability to break this down, but also for fellow hikers who have to look at fields of ‘flowers’ with unspeakable stains floating about the ‘natural environment’.

To leave no trace when camping, dig a big enough hole, help with the decomposition of fecal matter by mixing dirt and leaves in your poop creating a “poop soup” and make sure if using toilet paper, to bury it well.

Animals will dig up your poo as they can smell the yummy human food residue and want to give it a try, while doing so they will dig up the toilet paper and whatever else has been buried there.

I found this trowel while googling ultra light backpacking cat trowels. It was definitely more expensive then others online in Australia, but I like the story behind the owner of QiWiz and the development of the product, it was also the lightest and most compact I’d found.

It is a lot stronger than I thought it might be – and works really well in ground that is a bit dry and compact. Don’t know what the yellow coating is but makes the handle easy to grip and it feels soft to the touch. I expected it to cut into the palm of my hand, but it didn’t.

Tabo Style

Tabo style for you? – this  is a  traditional Filipino hygiene tool primarily for cleaning your booty among other things. I first experienced this method in Thailand where in some areas, the sewage system can not handle the toilet paper. Toilet paper is often considered to be inadequate or even dirty.

While squatting you fill the cup with water and run it down the crack of your backside while using your soapy hand.

It was hard to get use to, though after a while the benefits were noticeable. In a humid climate ‘monkey butt’ (poop and paper residue) can be a real chafing issue especially walking around all day.  You get use to using your hand, soap and water to wipe your butt (which you do in the shower every night). I reckon it makes you more hygiene aware – cause unlike many people, you know you have cleansed your hands well after pooping time!

As disgusting as it sounds, it ain’t so bad, it makes you feel cleaner.

Water in the Australian bush can be a scarcity or non-existent. Generally you will have to pack all the water you’re going to need for the entire trip. So using water to clean with is a luxury, I use a combination of both methods (paper and water) depending on the situation. 

Anyway whatever the choice keeping it clean is essential. 😎

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