Mt Zero – Knocked Off 

Mount Zero is another hike I didn’t complete. I went to do this trail about a year ago directly after having completed another smaller walk and made it about a third of the way up.


Distance: 2.8km return
Time: 1 – 1 1/2 hours 
Elevation Change: 151 metres 
Grade: medium 
Start: Mount Zero Picnic Area

Mount Zero or Mura Mura, has track markers that guide you up the rocky hillside.

This walk Stotts at Mount zero to pack

Expect to scramble over rocks and there are a few old markers so do keep an eye out.

Going past the amount Zero olive grove saw a beautiful mob of Emu – although they started to take off once I stepped out of the car.

It was quite foggy this morning so we set off later hoping it might clear up by the time we got there.

But no it didn’t. This photo was taken about half way up looking out across the ‘plains’. 😊

The maps of the walks do warn you about hiking around cliffs in the fog….and it was foggy.

but it wasn’t that bad and you could clearly see the cliff edges.

Just as we were leaving, the fog started clearing, so I was able to at least get a shot of the ground below.

This was a great walk and I could tell there has been some improvement in my muscle strength and cardio which I am pleased about. 😊

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