Mt Stayplton -Another One Bites The Dust

While I can tick this walk off, I will need to do it again several times so I get better and faster at it! My first ascent took me approx two hours up and half an hour down.


A rugged strenuous walk with panoramic views, grade: hard, distance 4.6 kms return, time 2-2.5 hours, start at Mount Zero picnic area.

This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers, can involve water crossings, slippery track surfaces, rock hopping and rock scrambling.

Signs and track markers guide the way up the steep rock slope of Flat Rock to a splendid vantage point overlooking a natural amphitheatre. The track descends briefly to the base of the impressive

Taipan Wall before continuing its steady climb along rock terraces to a track intersection. Follow signs and track markers on the final steep ascent – which involves some rock hopping – and scramble past a wind-scoured cave.

The view from the summit is spectacular, taking in much of the park and surrounding plains. Return by the same route.

I say approximately cause I lost track of the time. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to get up to the very last section, but we will get to that.

Yesterday I did Mount Zero with my niece Shilo and it didn’t stretch me as much as I thought it would.

So got out there again today to tackle this walk. My poles were of little help so won’t be taking them next time.

The start didn’t look too intimidating but all the same was pleased I didn’t have a cigarette before I set off.

Then I started, well it was way harder for me then it looked. This photo is half way up the very first part.

Absolutely fantastic scenery. Which I saw lots of given how often I had to stop to catch my breath.

Coming round the bend into the amphitheater there were rock climbers climbing to the top, which was a good distraction.

This next section lulled me into a false sense of security as it was like a nice easy walking track. Then I saw a guy coming toward me in the distance and thought ‘shit’ and promptly sat down and had a drink – of water but shot of whiskey might have been good.

Cause I Realised I had to walk up the side of the mountain.

As I was walking up, a lady ran past me with only shorts and a singlet on and no water – that’s where I want to be. She told me the hard part was almost over. And I believed her – I shouldn’t have.

Now the next section was okay, again went through some calming scrub and easy trailing. Then I saw this sign and thought sweet almost there.

There were no markers for a while after this sign, but the path is fairly obvious if you have hiked before you will be fine, if not, take care.

But the worst for me was to come. Remember I mentioned the 20 mins it took me to figure out how to get up the little ridge?

Well it wouldn’t have been so hard if I was able to lift my leg above my waistline then propel myself up. But I can not, so I had to do a gecko maneuver – down on all fours and slowly crawl my way up, while avoiding slipping back and sliding off the edge.

Hmm this may not look all that bad, but there is no where to hold on to, and the rocks are quite slippery and smooth. Anyway go and do the walk then let me know what you think.

My first thought as I was crawling up, looking uncoordinated and with butt up in the air, was ‘please no sexy guy come here right at this moment’ – grateful for small mercies, no one saw me in this position.

It was a bit windy and because I was already a little ‘freaked out’ from getting up the rise – I basically crawled all the way to the top.

It was so worth the effort though, not only for the view but the sense of satisfaction that I made it and didn’t have another fail story.

After this video and a bite to eat, I was feeling better and more confident so only had to slide down on my butt part of the way down off the top of the Mount.

Will be doing this walk again, hoping to do it on my way back from Melbourne next weekend. 😊

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