Hanging Rock

  • Today decided to do the Hanging Rock walk. It was quite calm compared to the other walks I have been doing.

Distance: 2km
Duration:1.5hrs (although it took 50mins)
Track condition: Moderate
Grade: Moderate/Steep
Start: Picnic Area
Finish: Picnic Area
Near: Woodend

Instead of doing the Kokoda trail and stairs today had a look at Hanging Rock.

While it was good to get out and go for a walk, it was very different and calm compared to the walks I have been doing.

The ground was wet from the recent rain and the atmosphere just lent itself to a David Attenborough moment…

If you’re an Australian you should know of hanging rock through Picnic at Hanging Rock authored by Lady Joan Lindsay and or the movie adaptation by Peter Weir. Hanging  rock was also an important landmark at the border of four Aboriginal territories, the rock was the site of large tribal gatherings for initiations, trade and marriage ceremonies.

Aborigines refused to climb the rock, believing that harmful spirits inhabited the crevices of what is technically a 105-metre-high, 6-million-year-old mamelon, or lava blister.

However, the forested flats around Hanging Rock were long used by tribal peoples who are said to have been in the area for more than 26,000 years.

Anywho, back to the walk itself. The path is mostly a gentle winding, bitumen path up to the rock formations.


We opted for the path rather than the stairs, thought it might be longer….


Great place for small children to walk..All in all a nice stroll in the park

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