Crickey Mt Rosea

This is the longest walk I have completed so far.  While the track was fairly wide and flat until approx the last km, it was a steady and unrelenting ascent.


Distance: 17km return
Time: 3.0 – 5.0 hours
Elevation: 1009mtrs
Elevation change: 429mtrs
Grade: Medium
Start: Northern end of the Borough Huts Campground

There is another path to the summit which is from the Mt Rosea carpark. This path is half the distance and is graded medium/hard. Which I want to do another day. I originally had the idea to go from the Borough huts campground to Mt Rosea carpark and then up to the top. Once I reached the turnoff, I knew this was not going to happen 🙂

I chose the route from the campground because of the distance and variation in path conditions.

It can be quite cool at the summit so it would be advisable to wear layers. Mind you I am also doing this in the spring.

Overall I really liked this walk, mainly because it was so different from the other walks I’ve done so far.

Yesterday approximately 50mm of rain fell so the creek was full and there were small waterfalls along the track, which was fantastic to see. Remembering that in a few months time this place becomes tinder dry with the possibility of bushfires raging through these ranges.

So it was a thrill  to see and hear flowing water and frogs along the way.

This place must be prone to landslides or heavy winds, as there were so many fallen and uprooted trees I was surprised.

The path started out in a forested area then wound its way  around the side of the mountain which made for some very diverse scenery.

The relentless upward ascent did take its toll near the top and I was almost glad to see some rocks to scramble over near the top of the summit. However I was becoming a little fatigued by this stage and it seemed for a while there that I might never make it.

But of course, if you keep going then eventually the top is reached and as you have something to eat and drink, your mind forgets the ascent woes and just takes in the view – which is astounding.

Until you begin the descent…then your body bloody remembers the walk up. The initial relief of going down and using different muscle groups was short lived. I would say my legs were in auto mode for the last two kilometres or so and it seemed like I was trudging more than walking.

I was please to see the end, pleased to have completed it….but so grateful to see the car. It did make wonder how I would deal with the AT, since the end is about 170 days away. hmmmm Oh well, I am trying not to over think it all and just carry on with what I am doing. Going to the gym, having a personal trainer and going on these day hikes.

Based on how the length of time it has taken to increase my fitness level and how much more I need to do, once summer arrives and the days are longer I will need to get out after work as much as possible.

As I write this the next day, in the comfort of my own home, with bacon, mushrooms, tomato and eggs on the grill, legs sore and tired – the AT seems a world away.

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