Hollow Mountain (Wudjub-Guyan)

This was a really nice walk and a good gauge on where my muscle strength is at.

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Distance: 2.2 kms return
Time: approximately 2 hours return
Grade: medium-hard
Start: Hollow Mountain carpark.
Follow the sign posted track through a densely vegetated gully. The track leads you to the base of an iron-stained cliff. It’s a steep and strenuous climb through fallen boulders and along exposed ledges. A short uphill scramble completes the climb to the wind-scoured caverns of Wudjub-guyan (Hollow Mountain) with views overlooking Mount Stapylton and the Wimmera plains. Return by the same route.

I have come to realise that medium grade generally means you are walking/climbing over rocks and boulders, that there is some elevation involved and or the track is lengthy. The hard part of the grade from what I’ve seen means you will be negotiating your way up rocky ledges – basically you will have to be able to haul yourself up onto ledges etc.

This walk like many in the Grampians starts out on a nice meandering path

In 2014 the fires ripped through this area causing a lot of damage. There are a number of walks which are still closed and the evidence of fires can still be plainly seen.

Over the last week there has been so much rain it has caused landslides and widespread flooding – which has resulted in more walk closures.

So I was pleased to be able to get out and about and what a brilliant day it was. The beginning of the pathos fairly easy to follow.

But there are points where you really need to look out for the yellow markers. A couple of times I thought really up there I must be missing something, but no I wasn’t …here is a classic example

The views like on all my walks are fantastic

This marker had me for a bit, as you had to really negotiate going through and up at the same time. Bonus – my legs are getting stronger and I had no difficulty today with lifting my body up the rocks/cliff face.

Once at the top you could see over the Mount Stapylton walk and the fields of canola were brilliant.

Did this walk in an hour and a half including looking around up top etc. picked up cigarette butts – was not impressed. Take it in and take it out again, leave no trace dammit.

On the way down saw this little fellow hard at work burrowing into the tree.

I highly encourage anyone if you are into hiking the Grampians are a must…and there are more walks then just the Pinnacle.



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