Hard Slog Month 9 – September 2016

I have been losing a bit of motivation lately for the gym and my attendance has fallen. The day hikes are really good and I am enjoying those. But still, motivation has been waning even though I am noticing the benefits of the increased muscle strength and cardio capacity.

Anyway today my personal trainer Tom, text me to say that he would throw in a free session tomorrow to help with the motivation. And you know?.. it has. Sometimes you can feel like you’re battling away on your own and can come down with a bit of the ‘poor me’ syndrome.

First thing it did for me is make me get out of bed this morning and go to the gym – I couldn’t very well pike out of the gym today if he is willing to do that – I’m not saying I would have but odds are.

That text started a chain reaction. It kept rolling around in my head all day, then I was sitting here thinking of my weight journey to date. From 18 yrs – 33 yrs my weight fluctuated anywhere from a size 14 to a size 30!

It creeps on so slowly and if then you lose a couple of kilos here and there…In 2005 I couldn’t recognise myself anymore. It really started to hit me when I had to drive to another town to buy quality office clothes from a specialty +sized store and was trying on size 30’s that were a bit tight across the stomach.

With help from friends, TaeBo, Weight Watchers and Golds Gym I went from 155 kgs to 90 kgs – 65kgs. It took about 18 months to lose and I was well on my way to achieving the last 15kgs. I took up waking and jogging somewhere in there starting out with 5 km runs through to completing the full Rotorua Marathon.

That was such a momentous occasion for me. I swore I would never be unfit again and for the next 4 yrs I got stronger and fitter…took up kayaking, kickboxing – completely turned my life around from 99% sedentary to 70% active.

Then in 2011 I got into a funk, moved country, moved to a small community where I have become a bit isolated without the support systems and encouragement I became use to and indeed relied on, more than I was aware, in NZ. During the last 5 years I got back up to 138 kgs and size 26.

I lost my mojo.

The fall off the wagon after all that is even harder than I would have thought it could be. You know how much hard work went into it before, the sacrifices, the lifestyle changes the heartache and joy.

So back to the beginning again…Tom’s text…bought all that back. But along with the frustration, sense of hopelessness and disappointment, it also bought back the feelings of triumph, the first time I managed to run for 7.5 kilometers along the Pohaturoa track in Rotorua in 1 hr 20 mins is a day I will never forget. When you have broken into a sweat and needed to sit down from walking to the mail box – running?! and for that long is like thinking of flying.

Finishing 4th in the 13 km Kauri Run and crossing the Rotorua Marathon finish line made me feel alive and in control.

So this is what your random act of kindness has done Tom – it has motivated me to brush the dirt off and take another look at getting back on that rowing machine.

Thank you

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