Mt Macedon Loop Walk

This walk was fantastic and what made it great is the varied terrain. From steep ascents and decent to tar seal this walk had it all.


Distance: approx 19kms (Walks 6 to 9 – 10.3km and Walks 10 to 14 – 8.7km)
Time: 6:30 – 7 hours
Grade: Easy, Medium, Hard
Start: Camels Hump, Mt Macedon Tea Rooms, Hotel in Macedon township 

We started at the Camels Hump and decided to walk anti-clockwise. Looking at the map it seemed like it was quite steep after Memorial Cross, along with days of rain decided I would prefer to go down rather than up.

Overall the paths were generally wide and flat.

Got to the top of the Camels Hump, which is only bout 20 mins and the view was stunning.

There are not many toilets along the way but they are in excellent condition! 

I took my walking poles on the walk and was pleased I did. They came in really handy with ascents and steady myself descending.

There was so much evidence of wombats, but of course didn’t see any.

The tracks are well marked with MRWT posts, so there is really no chance of getting lost. The only tricky section is going from walk 9-14, but carry the above map and it’s all quite logical.

The walk was challenging due to the ever changing terrain with either going up or coming down.

Not sure if you can see the cross in the distance, but from Mt Towrong surprised to see the distance we’d walked. You follow the ridge line till you get to the road follow the road and cross to the other side of the ranges.

Anyway, after Mt Towrong we had been walking for bout 4 hours and looked like we had been. Running into people who were fresh and chirpy (doing sections of the walk) bloody started to annoy me 😊 

Trialled coconut water as a natural electrolyte replacement and worked well. This walk was a lot of tree cover so doing the loop in summer just might be okay.

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