MacKenzie River Walk

Completely stoked…did this walk in just under two hours!

Distance: 7km
Time: 2-3 hours
Grade: Medium
Start: Zumsteins Picnic Ground

Follow the track to Fish Falls where the track becomes steeper, meandering through a large gorge beside the river to the base of MacKenzie Falls. 

Have to work this weekend so can’t do any overnight walks, so decided to do a walk close to home.

I realise quickly into it that this was going to be easy and I would have to go hard to keep my heart rate up and make the most of it.

Even though it was overcast and spitting a little it was a great little walk. I’m really getting into this nature walking.

Mind you I did a lot of walking in NZ and just never realised in the years I’ve lived here how great the Grampians is.

This is a well marked track and there is no getting lost or going off course. Ideal for families.

The MacKenzie and Glenelg rivers have their headquarters in the Grampian ranges, and provide vital habitats for a wealth of precious riverine plants and animals. Didn’t see any platypus but did see lots of these little guys crossing the path.

Heard a number of frogs as well. While the entire path was not wide and ‘rockless’ the rocky parts weren’t that arduous.

There were plenty steps which was good cause then I could get the heart rate up by trying to ‘jog’ them.

This is the best time to visit the falls. So much rain has fallen that the river is full and the falls spectacular. The first lot of falls you come to are the Fish Falls.

You also go through abbot of a swamp land – which I would have liked to have known what kinds of ecosystems exist here.

I felt some excitement when I had to rock hop. The track goes over shoreline rocks before getting back on track.

While crossing the very fast moving river on old, rusty looking platforms, I kept thinking to myself – think thin Feisty, think light…I just didn’t want to go body surfing down the stream past others – shame.

The sight that awaits you at the base of the falls is breathtaking. I really like feeling the power of nature. I reckon it’s from growing up in Queensland around wild cyclonic weather and the unpredictable ocean.

Well worth the walk. I would highly recommend this walk and would be a great place for a BBQ in the summer. 😊


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