Section Two Return Major Mitchell Plateau 

I had Thursday and Friday off this week so decided to do the second section of the Major Mitchell Plateau in reverse. 

Going from Jimmy Creek Campground to First Wannon Remote Campsite.

Full Major Mitchell Plateau Stats

Distance – Total 40.7km
Day 1: 12.7km
Day 2: 13km
Day 3: 15km
Time: 3 days / 2 nights
Start/Finish: Sheep Hills Carpark, 3km south of Mt William Road
Grade: 4 (Very steep, rough track, many obstacles, limited signage, many steps)
Experience Required, Experienced and self-sufficient bushwalkers who are well-prepared for all weather conditions.
Elevation changes
Day 1: 640m
Day 2: 850m
Day 3: 190m
First Wannon Hiker Camp GR407683
Jimmy Creek Campground GR331628
Topographical Map Required
Southern Grampians Outdoor Recreation Guide
Scale: 1:50,000
Produced in 2008 by Spatial Vision

Jimmy Creek Campground 

Set up camp and was pleased that I had chosen site 14 at Jimmy Creek Campground. Out of the way. 

Near the creek but not too close. I left for the campground straight after work – good choice.

There was even a bush shower there, so I could have a shower of sorts 😏 a little chilly but felt good. 

Not sure how effective my wind guard is and might have to go back to the drawing board.

Sitting here in the dark, quite different tranquility of nature disconnected from the outside world the stress and worries just ebb away. Listening to the Kokoburras laugh the sun down then listening to the kangaroos bounding around me is I blissful.

I’m sold on Zpacks Gear! I wasn’t going to buy Zpacks rain gear as I already have a rain jacket and rain pants but they weigh 871 g! If I buy the Zpacks rain jacket and rain kilt the total weight would be just over 200 g – that’s about 600 g lighter…and if England taught me anything it’s that every gram counts.

With having to carry 3 litres / kilo’s of water for every day I’m out here , that 600 g matters. So here I come again Zpacks 😊
Last time I camped my butt got really cold from sitting on the tent floor so I was going to cut up my yoga mat to use but forgot and I didn’t want to spend any real money on a butt warmer or seating pad, hence I went to cheap as chips and for two dollars bought this animal food mat thing – works well for two dollars

Anyway, Thursday I left the campground to begin the second section of the trail. There was space at the campground to leave my car without having to pay for another night.

Jimmy Creek Campground to First Wannon Remote Hiker Campsite 

This has been the hardest walk I’ve done to date – hmm I think I’ve said that before…took me an incredible 9 hours! Yes I could deduct about an hour for resting and photo taking, but doesn’t take away from the fact it took 9 hours to reach camp.

90% of the track was uphill and full of rocks, from garden sized to enormous boulders. I knew from looking the topographical map that the ascent would be very steep in places.

By the end of the second day (return trip) I was seriously over rocks and mosquitoes. The mosquitos are in plague proportions and I had a swarm of them following me both days.

The view as always was fantastic and no matter how many times I’ve seen it now it never gets old.

The path becomes quite obscure in the last quarter of this walk so thank goodness for cairns.

The cairns especially helped when rock scrambling at the very top of the last crest before the Plateau.

Went past an Echidna that was so busy feeding on ants – which weren’t at all happy – I went passed unnoticed.

The views from the Plateau were astounding. And had me spell bound.

Again I didn’t come across anybody else on the trail in either direction, which I like.
The First Wannon Remote Hiker Campsite was a welcome relief. Having a ‘dunny’ was a bonus.

I was so pooped I hit the sack at about 9.30 pm

I knew the return journey was going to be tough and wanted to be well rested to for those cursed rocks.

There is a section of track that you would not think was part of the track, even though there are two cairns indicating.

I saw a number of Kangaroos on the way back, man what a beautiful site…and while I don’t always see them I can hear them bounding along in the bush.

I almost stood on this little guy. He never moved at all just puffed up and eyeballed me.

By the time I returned 5.5 hours later I was exhausted, sore, itchy, swollen and most of all stoked with my effort. 

With each trip I am also continually reassessing and refining my gear.

So far I am quite happy with my progress and am really looking forward to the Appalachian Trail 😊


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