Hard Slog Month 10 – October 

All I can say – my cardio is definitely improving.

Over the last month my back issue has had an impact on my workouts. It seems I have had a couple of issues: spinal and tendon/muscle. My chiropractor has done wonders and now the physio therapist seems to be really helping with the last stage of healing.

Tom (my PT) weighed me and I’d put on a kilo since the last weigh in, however when he took measurements I’d lost a few centimeters.

He is really disappointed, but I keep trying to tell him I’m not here to lose weight but to get fit. 😊 

What Tom fails to understand and he is not alone – my goal is not to lose weight and have a gym bunny body. 

The goals I’m focused on achieving are: 

  • to be able to walk the entire Appalachian Trail
  • to be physically able to hit the trail running, taking a maximum of two weeks to find my trail legs

As there is no weight loss goal, my focus is not on weight loss.

I have had a goal to lose weight before so at that time I went to weight watchers and worked hard in the gym trying to achieve that – I lost around 50kgs. As I lost the weight and my fitness increased my goal changed to having a more active lifestyle, so I stopped going to the gym, started walking and running everyday, kayaking, yoga and started training for events like the Rotorua Marathon, Real Women’s duathlon the Kauri Run and so on.

So back to today…given my current goals, and my previous experience with training for specific events, I know the only way I am going to hike better is by hiking, hiking and more hiking. I find the gym is great to kick start me off and really helps during the colder months. 

But as the days get longer – and Aussie is fantastic with having long warm sunny ☀️ days – although this year has been an odd year. I will be wanting to go walking in the Grampians after work Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, and backpacking/camping Friday night through Sunday. Working on increasing my fitness levels and pushing my mind and body.

I plan to spend my whole Christmas holidays (the organisation I work for has a shut down period over Christmas) backpacking – 14 days in total. Really push those kilometers.

Therefore no doubt in December I will finish up with the gym. Once I get back to work in January I will only be three months out from the trail. I won’t want to spend the money on the gym and a PT anymore and I will need to be focusing on hiking.

I love getting out there and hiking and am super excited about the coming months. This is no longer a ‘Hard Slog’ really! I’m on it and loving it. 

So next month I’m changing the name of this blog from Hard Slog Month 11 – November to ‘On to it – 4 months to go’ 😊


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