Little Desert – Hidden Gem

This weekend I decided to change things up a bit, varying the terrain, scenery and milage.
Sometime ago a fellow work colleague had suggested Little Desert to me however, at the time I thought that sounded too easy as I was just getting into doing the harder Grampians walks.

What do for me, but we shall get into that a little later.

Little Desert Discovery Walk


I broke this walk down into two sections so I could spread it out over two weekends.

Section 1 (37. 5 kms): Day 1 (26.5 kms) – Horseshoe Bend campground to Yellow Gum campsite via Mallee campsite, Day 2 (21 kms) Yellow Gum campsite to Horseshoe Bend campground direct

Section 2 (44.5 kms): Day 1 (21 kms) – Kiata campground to Yellow Gum campsite direct, Day 2 (23.5 kms) Yellow Gum campsite to Kiata campground via Wallaby Track/Mallee camp.

Total Distance – Total 84 km
Time: 1 – 4 Days
Start/Finish: Horseshoe Bend Campground or Kiata Campground 
Grade: Not stated

This weekend I did section 1 and what a walk. Very early on I chided myself for being flippant about a walk I had never been on.

While there were no rocks and the terrain was flat, the soft sand took up the slack. This is an ideal time of year, the abundance of wildflowers was amazing.

I started out at the Horseshoe Bend Campground which is very peaceful and well laid out.

A couple of Kookaburras were watching me set up camp. There is a flushing toilet and water in the tank due to all the recent rain. The feral bees must be a bit of a problem as there was a section cordoned off warning of them, not only here but at the camps on the trail as well.

As I was packing up my gear in preparation for heading off I noticed I was sharing my tent…not sure where or how he got in, but with some effort I managed to re-home him.

I started out Saturday morning,  and not that far along the track came across this guy…

He was the only animal that was still long enough to take a picture. As I went around this brown snake, giving him a wide berth he had the cheek to lunge at me, albeit lazily. I saw Roos and Emus, however only caught the back of them as they were running away. Needless to say I kept one eye on the track the whole time. 

I love Australian humour, I came across a sign that said Dry Well (track) and am assuming this is the dry well?

Because the track is sandy it was clear from the numerous critter prints that wildlife is abundant here. It would be great to be able to read them and know which prints belonged to which critter. 

Stopped at Mallee camp for lunch and critter spotting. 

I was surprised at how much the landscape varied…

After a very long hot day I was so pleased to see Yellow Gym camp. The camp (as does Mallee camp) has a shelter for use in emergencies.

The old ‘dunny’ bought back some memories and that Slim Newton song – Redback on the toilet seat. 

I was so shattered I had the best sleep I’ve had out camping – the wildlife might have a different story as I’m sure I snored soundly.

I started out a bit later than I usually like to on Sunday – still stiff and sore. My right foot was swollen and the last eyelet on my shoe was digging into my foot. I contemplated what to do then pulled out my knife and cut through my shoe to relieve the pressure. Worked a treat, but needed new shoes after that 😊

The tracks are easy to follow and have these markers throughout. However if you left the trail for any great distance it would be easy to lose.

All in all, this was a fantastic walk and I am looking forward to doing the second section next weekend. 😊👍🏼

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