Permethrin- Mozzie Protection 

As you will know from previous posts mozzies (mosquitoes) are in plague proportions and love me.

I have covered myself from head to toe, well where I can reach adequately, in rub on Deet and used Deet spray to try and spray my clothes to help with the mozzies issue and so far that has not really worked at all.

Wherever I miss with the Deet, the mozzies find that spot and let all their mates know about so I end up with clusters of bites.

So after my last walk in Little Desert I decided to give Permethrin a go.

I got the Equip Debugger permethrin treatment pack from for $24.50 AUD + postage.

I followed the instructions pretty much as I wanted to give the solution the best chance of working.

The instructions say the treatment should last around 6 months, but only time will tell.

When reading through the instructions it only gives solution quantities for cotton clothing…but still followed the guidelines even though my clothes are nylon/elastine. According to the packet it should still work well on these materials.

I had a bit to do so did them in four lots…

Put 4 liters of water with 10mls of solution and let the clothes soak for the 2 minutes- although if I got distracted this time ended up being a bit longer.

Bought a roll of heavy duty plastic from Bunnings for $19 AUD to lay my clothes on which worked really well.

This process is smelly so definitely work in a well ventilated area.

Oh and so far these are the clothes I want to take on the Appalachian Trail.

If this works well, I will do my own clothes before the trail to save on buying clothing which has been factory treated with permethrin – it is a bit cheaper and then I can take exactly what I want to wear.

Oh and the solution is not cat friendly so be aware of where you dispose of the left overs.

This weekend I am doing the second section of the Lottle Desert Discovery Walk so will update you on how effective this was. 😊

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