On to it in November – 4 Months to Go

As I mentioned last month finding motivation is no longer an issue, therefore getting out and about is no longer the hard slog  it originally was.

If you’ve been following my Hard Slog blog then you will know I have been suffering from a sore back. The back issue came out of nowhere and no one has been able to fix it. Which has been a huge worry given every day that passes brings me a day closer to the Appalachian Trail.

Short story – been sore since March 2016, saw my doctor, then a chiropractor then a physiotherapist… with some improvement but no cure. 

Of course during this time I was still upping the ante at the gym, and backpacking on the weekend as you’ll see from my day adventures and backpacking adventures section. I thought the walking would help – well I felt temporarily better anyway.

I decided to see local operators, Back4Life whose Chiropractors are also Physiotherapists for a second opinion. Can’t rave enough about this place. 

My first visit with Dr Melvin told me I was in the right place. He checked me out, determined that I’d had a very slight hairline fracture in my pelvis (according to the X-rays from March), that it would be healed by now, that I’d had a bulging disc, which my first chiropractor fixed and finally an answer to the pain I was in constantly: because of the pelvis and disc issues, my muscles all around my right hip had become knotted and tense from compensating. 

The muscle issues were making it seem as if it were a back issue. Anyway, at the first visit Dr Melvyn told me he would identify the issue and treat it, that this would take a maximum 4 weeks then I should be good to go on the Great South West Walk over Christmas. I was hopeful but a little skeptical- I had been seeing others for 8 months with no end in sight.

But four sessions later – I am pretty much 95% better….I have been on strict orders to not go to the gym and no bush walking until the Great South West walk. 

So feeling nervous that I am putting on weight and losing some cardio fitness. But can’t do much about it, it just means that I may be a bit slower and a bit sorer than I’d expected. But if I can get a good night sleep out there because my hip is fixed I’ll be one happy chappy.  

And it will mean after Christmas I will have to go hard in preparation for the Appalachian Trail. 😊

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