Discovery Walk Section Two

I attempted section 2 of the Little Desert Discovery walk last weekend, however that ended up being a fail.

Stayed at Kiata campground on Friday after work, had a restless night and woke up so tired I couldn’t carry on. Went home, had a bath and fell asleep in the bath, then went to bed and slept the day away.

This past weekend was a whole other story though I was ready and raring to go.

Little Desert Discovery Walk


I broke this walk down into two sections so I could spread it out over two weekends.

Section 1 (47. 5 kms): Day 1 (26.5 kms) – Horseshoe Bend campground to Yellow Gum campsite via Mallee campsite, Day 2 (21 kms) Yellow Gum campsite to Horseshoe Bend campground direct

Section 2 (44.5 kms): Day 1 (21 kms) – Kiata campground to Yellow Gum campsite direct, Day 2 (23.5 kms) Yellow Gum campsite to Kiata campground via Wallaby Track/Mallee camp.

Total Distance – Total 84 km
Time: 1 – 4 Days
Start/Finish: Horseshoe Bend Campground or Kiata Campground 
Grade: Not stated

Pulled into Kiata campground and was immediately greeted by this stunning fellow who was having breakfast. I haven’t seen a Goanna of this size up so close before, it was cool.

If you are into nature, the Little Desert is an ideal place, full of all kinds of wildlife.

So, started off at Kiata campground and immediately hit the white sand and realised I had left my gaiters at home.

However I would say that section 2 is easier then section 1 purely because there is more hard ground giving you a break from the sand.

I had read somewhere that it was better to do this walk anticlockwise – which I did , I’m not sure really if there is too much difference either way though.

Saturday there were some clouds in the sky -why is this important you ask? Because clouds equal shade even if it is only temporary it does bring some relief from the relenting sun. 

Sunday was another beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. At this time of year Spring has definitely left us and summer is here. Boy is it hot out there and we were only reaching highs of 24/26 degrees Celsius.

There is very little tree cover or breeze to help cool you down. Therefore I took a couple more breaks then I normally do.

There hasn’t been any rain now for a couple of weeks and it shows. The wild flowers that were bright and abundant two weeks ago are now fading and dying off.

There are those that stubbornly hang on…

Waterholes are also drying up quite quickly.

As I’ve mentioned before the landscape is so diverse and around every corner the scenery can look so different.

A lot of the time you are eye level with the scrub which means you can’t always get a sense of the parks scale. There is a look out which isn’t that high, but what a difference a couple of metres makes off the ground.

Mount Arapalies in the distance…

I have been taken by how many different kinds of ant species there are…I know in theory just have never seen so many in one place. Little tiny ‘turbo’ ants zipping around, standard black ants, huge black ants, a couple of kinds of red ants – which look mean and would attack my pole…

I came across this massive nest and when I got too close they poured out of their holes by the hundreds – of course I had to tap the nest a couple of times. 

Not sure if you can make them out or not ….

Stayed at Yellow Gum walkers camp again. The water in the water tank was lower this time and with the weather heating up, I will eventually have to carry more water – bummer – or borrow a 4 wheel drive to do water drops. 

I’ve really taken a shine to Little Desert.

Salt lake is accessible by vehicle and is a great little area. Do be careful of the wild bees which were anywhere near where there was water.

Can’t rave enough about this place…

Managed to shave a minute of each kilometre, which made up slightly for the heat  😁 

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