Bearikade Expedition  Bear Cannister

There are several American States along the Appalachian Trail that require you to use a bear canister – so I got one which I will use the entire trip.

I’m a big believer in following rules when it comes to wild animals and when you are a visitor in another country – it’s always different when you’re a local. You see on the news tourists to Australia not taking advice and not making it home.

Rated the product ⭐⭐⭐⭐ as I can’t test on bears.

Advertised Weight: 1020 g
Actual Weight 1100 g
Cost: $477.17 AUD
Retailer: Wild Ideas

Once I read that three States, the Appalachian trail passes through, required bear canisters the only question left was what kind of bear canister I would buy.

After much research and deliberation I decided to go with the Bearikade canister for two main reasons:

  • I could use it as a seat
  • It was advertised as being able to hold 12 days worth of food for a solo camper

The only worrying thing is the canister requires a 10 cent piece to open and lock it. I have tried my knife and an assortment of other utensils I am carrying to see if they will work instead – but no they don’t. So I need to come up with a way to secure my 10 cent piece, cause if a grizzly can’t get into it neither will I.

It is funny telling fellow Australians that I have a bear canister as there isn’t much call for them here – we don’t have bears.

However, I have found the canister invaluable when it comes to using it as a seat. It is just the right height to enable me to sit comfortably.

I had originally thought that I would tie the canister to the outside of my backpack, this proved to be impractical and through the weight balance of my pack out.

Therefore I stand it up inside my backpack and need to make sure that it is well centered. If I don’t I can’t flex the pack properly. (See my Backpack page for more on the flexing of the frame)

As you can see I use my little foam seat pad to protect the pack and give some cushioning against my back. You you will also notice that one side of the canister is unprotected against the backpack, I will have to address this otherwise it will become a wear mark that might turn into a hole.

As per the trail conservancy advice: Here is packing the canister with my cooking system, medication etc and 7 days worth of food – noting that I did not pack it as well as I could have, so could probably get another couple of days worth of food if I tried.

This is the food I am taking on my 13 day hike with a resupply point on day 7.

The other thing having this canister has made me do is think about what I pack in my backpack as there is not a lot of room left and besides this I get the canister out when I want to take a sit down break ( if there is no rock alternative) and just want to be able to open the pack and get out the canister uninhibited.

All in all this has been a good investment, I figure at least the mice, Roos and Emus won’t get my food either 😊


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