GSWW – Day 1 Portland to Cubbys camp

For Christmas this year my brother Frank and I decided to do the Great South West Walk. Technically the walk starts at the Portland visitor information centre, however we started (and will finish) at the Portland Holiday Park.

Total Distance: 240 km

Portland Visitor Information Centre

Easy to Moderate

Great South West Walk Map

The 250km loop walk takes you on an unforgettable adventure via the tranquil forests of the Cobboboonee Nation Park, the majestic river gorges of the Lower Glenelg National Park, and the picturesque coastal town of Nelson. 

The return leg meanders along sublime bays, high rugged cliffs and capes, a Fur Seal colony at Cape Bridgewater, the Point Danger Gannet rookery and back to the historic city of Portland. 

As this is the longest walk either of us have done – although Frank has cycled across Australia – we spent a few days going over resupply options, confirming an itinerary and double checking our gear.

For me this is also a trial run for my Appalachian Trail gear and I wanted to see how much food my Bearikade Expedition Bear Canister could hold.

We left home early Tuesday afternoon 20 December as we wanted to do take a resupply to the Kywong caravan park in Nelson where we will be staying at the half way mark, a Christmas Day food drop and a couple of water drops.

At the second drop I locked the car keys in my boot 😬

So I had to smash my back window and fight my alarm to get in, which we did but now I have a window that looks like this…good old plastic snap lock bags 😊

Anyway we did not let this deter us, we continued with the food drops and made it to Portland. 

The weather report before we left said that it would be fine for the whole time…but when we left this morning….

​However ​it did eventually fine up, but when I checked tonight we are now looking at about three days of rain.
Almost the entire section today was either in town or farmlands, until about 3kms from the Campsite.

The coastal section of the walk was beautiful even though overcast.

The 20 odd kms were moderate and by the time we made it into camp we were pooped and ready for something to eat. 

We are the only ones here so could spread out a bit.

The tanks have plenty of water at the moment, albeit an odd colour- but water is water. We dropped water off but got the placing wrong so we will leave it where it is and pick it up on our way home via car.

So day one is under the belt and only 12 more days to go 😎 excited and looking forward to it.

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