GSWW – Day 2 Cubbys camp to Cobboboonee camp

This was a long day!

Distance: 24.4 km

Moderate to Hard (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Today was a long day where any bodily sore points are becoming more obvious.

Today was also my hump day – I didn’t get a good night sleep at all last night so started the day off poorly. 
However in spite of this I still had a fairly enjoyable day, except for the last two hours. The last two hours were a mental and physical challenge. The blisters on my feet, which I only have two of (one on each foot) are on the ugliest places. One on the ball of my foot and the other on the side of my foot.

There has been quite a lot of bad flooding in the area, which has dried now but the evidence is still around. 

The track in the Cobboboone State Forest started out quite picturesque but there was a lot of debris all over the track which at times gave cause for some funny moments.

​We went through the Messmate forest which is composed mainly of messmate stringybark trees which can grow up to 40 metres tall and is the main commercially important timber species in the Cobboboone forest.

While it is very pretty the day can can be summed up with only a couple of photos as the scenery never changed – apart from the occasional crossing of a forest road.

Made it into camp at about 5.00pm shattered and tired. I was so tired I couldn’t eat all my dinner! On the up side, toilets are well stocked with toilet paper which is a bonus and the water tanks are full. Although the water is a pale yellow/brown colour, treated it tastes okay and is good to cook with.

We did a water drop at this camp which I’m pleased about as it is good to have nice clean tasting water. We weren’t sure if the tanks would have enough water and from here on in we are close to creeks, streams and river so will be good.

Had a bush shower which was sooo good after the long hot day….and after only two days my walking clothes reek!

We have a short day tomorrow so intend to sleep in and hopefully go for a swim in the Fitzroy river which isn’t far from Fitzroy camp. 😊


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