GSWW – Day 3 Cobboboone to Fitzroy

Distance: 12.5 km

Easy (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map


​Looking forward to a shorter day today, have blisters that need some healing time. Although this was a short day the blister under the ball of my foot made it seem like a long day – it is bout the size of a snax biscuit. The sun was beaming down with no breeze at all – and I ended up overheating a bit.

The floods must have been really bad the damage is evident everywhere. However all creeks and rivers we have come across have been either dry or slightly swamp like.

According to the map the Fitzroy river runs behind the Fitzroy camp so we’re really looking forward to going for a swim!

When we got to the campsite we came across this sign…

… decided we would take a look anyway as it rained a couple of months ago and should have calmed down a bit by now…well, yes it did to non existent

I have been amazed by the number of ant nests everywhere and in vast numbers! It would be really interesting to see how far they extend underground.

These little red Bull Ants are vicious but I didn’t know how vicious until today. I mentioned them in my Little Dessert post and how confrontational they seemed to be. Then tonight I watched one of those ants corner a fly in my tent vestibule apex with it’s pincers then proceed to sting it with a stinger in its abdomen. I originally thought it was a small wasp due to the way the ant was stabbing the fly – but it was not.

Another surprise has been how much of the walk borders farmlands, makes for a nice change of scenery. Thought this guy was dead as he was quite still, so pleased when he ran off after us trying to give it a drink of water.

Entered the Lower Glenelg today and was excited to see a creek with water in it. 

Thought we would wait to dip our feet in the Glenelg River, however due to all the flooding it is very muddy and wasn’t that appealing.

The Fitzroy camp as with each we have experienced so far, has a good layout and facilities.

Thanks Parks Victoria 😊

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