GSWW – Day 4 Fitzroy to Moleside

Distance: 22 km

Moderate to Hard (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Today was a long day where any bodily sore points are becoming more obvious. However today was my turning point. Everything seems to have found its place and pace. Muscles aren’t as sore and my walking pace has picked up. 

On the way out of Fitzroy met a lovely couple fixing the fencing on their farm, she had done the Great South West Walk a few years ago and loved it.

The Lower Glenelg (like that Glenelg is a palindrome) is such a pretty place.

Frank has developed a blister on his little toe that envelops most of it…our night time routine has become blister comparing 😊

Came across this classic photo opportunity and couldn’t resist.

The trail today had some really diverse scenery  which was a nice change – don’t get me wrong, trees and the forest is great….just good to look at something else.

My brother and I have been fascinated by all the different kinds of poo we have been coming across – playing the old ‘match the poo with the animal’ – amazing what you think of or talk about when walking for so long.

Today was the first day we attempted to do some hand washing – didn’t help with the smell at all 😏 oh well, at least we smell as bad as each other.

All in all today was pretty uneventful….really looking forward to Christmas food tomorrow.

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