GSWW – Day 5 Moleside to Battersbys

Distance: 17 km

Easy to Moderate (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Merry Christmas everyone. After a few Christmas carols my brother and I took down the washing and got ready to head off to Battersbys.

Met a nice couple this morning at camp who were being dropped off by a canoe hire company getting ready to canoe the Glenelg river – met them again at Saunders Landing. This was their first time canoeing as they are really avid hikers. 

They had completed the Bibbulmun Track which is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the south coast, winding through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia. 

Have still not had any phone reception so could not check the weather report…from an old report I read on day one I was sure that today was hot (turned out it was 36C)but we were only doing 17kms today so didn’t think it would be that bad.

She was a bloody stinker especially carrying a backpack! We stopped at Pritchards landing to fill our water bottles. Despite washing clothes yesterday they stank again by the time we got into Battersbys.

This section of the walk was by far more undulating than the other sections and also pleasantly different scenery.

My brother Frank almost stood on a huge Eastern Brown snake today and it sent his adrenaline rushing a bit so we took 5. 

Then not much further down the track he was met by a green and yellow snake which from pictures we figure was a tiger snake – again we took 5. Frank walks ahead so, comes across these things more often then I 😊 and at least lucky for him/us both snakes were far more interested in getting away as fast as possible.

We also came across a bright shiny big blue ant with red legs that was ready to go into battle with us and didn’t appear to care how big we are. Didn’t get any photos was too busy living in the moment. Which when we googled later turned out to be: The wingless, ground-dwelling female Blue Ants are bright metallic blue or green, and can sometimes be mistaken for a large ant. However they are a solitary wasp species, with fully winged males, and can often be found on flowers. 

There are so many flies (my pack and Frank’s shirt are covered with fly poo)! Of course being Australian and having had prior experience with these pesky creatures we wear fly nets 90% of the time, if you didn’t the flys would surely wear you down.

The down side to this is you see the world from behind a fly screen…..

Frank and I made a classic rookie mistake – and kicked ourselves because we both knew better. We bulk bought our supplies for the 13 days, which means of course that the range of food we carry now, is also in our resupply box in Nelson.

We did a Christmas food drop which we have been looking forward to for days which was fantastic.

Met another nice couple at Battersbys camp who gave us a couple of fresh strawberries- these were divine after days of dehydrated foods. Also found a tin of unopened tuna in cracked pepper someone had left behind which was a nice change from peanut butter on wraps.

All in all as each day passes Nelson is looking better and better – can’t wait to wash my hair! 😊


  1. Great to read about the past few day… (glad the snakes wanted to go the opposite way) Merry Christmas! On Wed, 28 Dec 2016 at 6:33 am, Feisty Adventures wrote:

    > Feisty Adventures posted: “Distance: 17 km Grade: Easy to Moderate (this > is my assessment and totally subjective [image: 😊]) Great South West > Walk Map Merry Christmas everyone. After a few Christmas carols my brother > and I took down the washing and got ready to head off to Batters” >


    1. We were unsure if there would be water at Cubbys camp and Coboboonee camp, so did two water drops just before or after the trail crossed a road/track, in tin tubs tightly taped down to prevent animal attacks, just hidden behind trees. Then did two food drops; Christmas Day food at Battersbys camp (packed same way as above) and 6 day resupply box at Kywong caravan park Nelson. We also marked the containers with when we would be accessing them then coming back to pick them up – in case found

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