GSWW – Day 7 Pattersons to Nelson

Distance: 20 km

Easy to Moderate (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

The day has finally arrived when we are heading into Nelson. We got up quite early and decided to hit the trial by 6:30 am as we wanted to maximize our stay in the cabin and around to civilization.

Not a lot of photos were taken today as the mission was to get to Nelson as quickly as possible. We made really good time arriving at about 1:00pm. 

The river was really still today and very puzzle picture worthy.

As we were moving through the forest all we could think about was how delicious the pub meal was going to be in Nelson – especially after living on rice and noodles for six days.

The excitement grew as we crossed over into a South Australia 🇦🇺 which marked about the halfway point.

There has been the promise of rain however so far none has fallen – little bit of a drizzle but nothing to write home about. I have found the last couple of days quite hot unlike my brother who is coming from Queensland and finds it ‘tepid’!

On the outskirts of Nelson a cyclist was coming down the track which at this point was quite narrow, you could tell she got quite a fright to see people on a ‘walking’ track which surprised us. 

Anyway, you could tell we were coming upon civilisation because of the trash we began to see along the track.

Seeing the sign for Kywong Caravan Park was such a welcome sight. At last we could have a shower, wash our clothes, sleep in a bed, and feel a bit human again.

We stayed in one of the park cabins for $75pn which was suited us just fine. The cabin has two rooms separated by a curtain.

One room has a double bed (with a brand new mattress on it), fully equipped kitchenette a table and chairs with the second room being the bunk room, no ensuite but this didn’t matter to us at all – especially for just one night.

As we arrived a guy in a cabin opposite us saw us looking shattered and dishevelled so bought over a couple of beers which was so welcomed! 

A noob mistake we made – which we realised on the way into Nelson: The food drop we did at the caravan park contained the same food we have just been eating for the last seven days. Why does it contain the same food? Because we bought in bulk and never thought about how I would feel having the same meals for 13 days in a row. 

It was at this point that I realised I probably will not be forwarding any resupply boxes on the Appalachian Trail. I think having the flexibility to purchase what you need on the go will suit me better.

The Park owners, Brett and his wife (sorry can’t remember her name) were absolutely fantastic and even dropped us off at the pub.

Photo source

A couple of drinks and a pub meal that was all we imagined had us feeling relaxed and ready for bed 😊

Frank asked a couple who were leaving as we were, for a lift back to the caravan park and they willingly obliged. We were so pleased not to have to walk back – although the hiker registration books mentioned Graeme and Rob from the pub who may give hikers a lift.

We saw the couple the next day as we were hiking out of Nelson…thanks so much random strangers!

When we got back to the caravan park the owner Brett called us into his man cave for another couple of beers and a chat it was a really nice way to cap off the evening. Highly recommend the Kywong Caravan Park.

Getting up in the morning was slow and painful as we were so comfortable. And putting on our packs and heading off to Lake Monibeong 25km away seemed so arduous, but that is exactly what we must do.

Thanks Nelson for a great place and great people got some much needed R&R. 😊 


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