GSWW – Day 10 Swan Lake to The Springs

Distance: 21 km

 Moderate to Hard (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Yes I am going on about the sand again…This is what we have been walking in for three days or approx 50 kms – I am so over the sand. 

I’m a Queenslander who grew up all up and down the coast of Queensland and have always loved the beach – it is fair to say our relationship is becoming a little strained 😏

On the upside, we will be walking predominately along the coastline after today – never thought I would look forward to stairs, rocks and undulating ground as much as I am. At least it is walking on terra firma! 

While I am walking with my brother we are not really ‘walking together’, we are on the same path but walking our own walks. Left with ones own thoughts for hours on end it’s amazing what you start to ponder. 

A classic is…why are these freeloading flies sitting on my backpack, seemingly doing nothing but pooping? What could be there that is of interest? How many would it take to fly me across the beach to camp? Would they make a good meal if I got stuck? 

You know the kinds of ramblings that seem completely rational after walking for hours on end, day after day and no access to the internet.

My calf muscles are so tight and sore today I have been extremely slow and figure today it will take me probably 8-9 hours to get to camp. I am definitely not averaging 3.5 kms an hour on the sand.

We had been walking for hours and still no sign indicating a path off the beach. So Frank climbed the sand dunes to take a map reading to pinpoint our location – hard when there are no land marks in the beach or in the ocean. 

In the end we just hadn’t walked far enough…when we got to the end of the beach and hit a cliff that was when we saw the sign to scramble up the steep hill in the powder soft sand where you take one step forward and slide two steps back.

By the time I got to the top I was exhausted and flopped down next to Frank for a good 10 minute break. Great to be on a hard surface now though.

After the break we started off toward the camp…when we came across a sign that said the Springs camp was 6 kms away I could have cried. I said to Frank that he should carry on as I was going to slow right down and take my time – tank was pretty low by now.

It was good too, it meant I took a couple of more breaks before camp and managed to soak in some of the scenery which is amazing. Also a good opportunity to see how far we had come along the coastline.

I had contemplated wild camping it, but thought it wasn’t such a good idea or fair on my brother cause I knew that if I didn’t arrive at camp within a reasonable tim he would feel compelled to come and look for me.

By the time I reached camp about an hour after Frank it was a welcome sight.

A couple turned up and I didn’t have time to warn Frank who was taking a bit of a bush shower up the back of the camp which was funny cause he was going to move position and came out from behind the tank only to show the couple his backside. 😊

These were only the second lot of hikers we saw on the trip to date and it was good to talk to someone.

Tomorrow is a short day so we can sleep in and take some time getting ready – great for body recovery 😊

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