GSWW – Day 11 The Springs to Trewalla

Distance: 15 km

 Moderate (this is my assessment and totally subjective 😊)

Great South West Walk Map

Today and tomorrow are short days which means we get much needed rest time. There is a small beach section coming up today but am trying not to think about it at the moment.

Today takes us around the edge of cape Bridgewater, past a famous fur seal colony, and skirts Bridgewater Bay – where there is a cafe before reaching Trewalla Camp.

Since it was a nice short day we took our time and managed to take in some of the sights. Nothing was happening at the Blow Holes which was a bit disappointing.

The rock pool below was formed by gas trapped in the lava flow during a volcanic eruption.

The Petrified forest which isn’t – The formation is actually a collection of hollow tubes of limestone called ‘solution pipes’, eroded by millions of years of rainfall.

It was such a good day today and can’t wait to have a real meal at Bridgewater Bay!

The seal colony was cool to watch for a bit –  quite a bit of action down there. Apparently this is the only mainland breeding site for Australia and New Zealand fur seals. 

From here we could see the Bridgewater Bay cafe and the idea of burgers, Gatorade and ice cream gave us a new pulse of energy and we sped up considerably.

Ahhhhh…..a bridgey burger, 2 Gatorade and an ice cream later I was full and happy πŸ˜‰ We were so full Frank and I went and sat under a tree for a while before continuing on to camp.

The camp was only a few kilometers from the bay. Looking back it is rewarding to see how far we have walked today.

The beach sand was really firm and a real pleasure to walk on, I was so relieved. 

Last night I had to cut the dead skin off my blister as it was filling up with sand making it very sore to walk on. Not sure what I was doing with the side angle video – but oh well…

I noticed today that my legs are feeling a lot better and not quite so sore, my overall walking pace has increased, walking up hills and steep inclines is easier and I reckon if I was walking for another week or so, I’d have found my ‘Trail legs’. 😊

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