Day 6: Blairsville GA on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Saturday 15 April
Zero day

I arrived at the Comfort Inn and was greeted warmly and well taken care of. The rooms were great and had cable TV which I liked.

I didn’t take any photos of the town, the Comfort Inn is just on the outskirts and I never really went into town. One thing I have noticed, I’m not sure small American towns have footpaths which makes it highly inconvenient for those that are walking. There was a grassy verge but a times that ran out and you’re kind of on the highway for a bit.

Anyway, went to Ingles supermarket and that is more like a supermarket I’m use to as opposed to Walmart- layout wise etc. I must have taken a good couple of hours wondering around the supermarket checking everything out. I t was good and I got a better sense of what foods are called here and the range. 

Having resupplied I went back to the motel to tackle cleaning my gear especially my tent. The night before it rained so hard (and I had been a bit lax in the way I set up the tent) that when the rain hit the ground mud flew up under the vestibule and hit the fly screen. Needless to say I had to scrub the bathtub out and wash out the towels due to the amount of dirt and grime.


  • I haven’t been fuelling my body properly so  changed things a up a bit (see above)
  • Injinji socks help prevent the blister under my foot – blisters in general, so grabbed a couple more
  • That I needed to rethink my water filtration system. I use the Aquatabs from Aussie which take half an hour to process. Doesn’t sound like much, but if there is a long time between water fills, by the time I get there I don’t want to wait. So bought a Sawyer Squeeze system which is popular on the trail.

All in all it was good to regroup 😊


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