Day 10 Deep Gap Shelter NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Wednesday 19 April

Total Distance: 12.8km

Mountains: Kelly Knob 4276 ft / 1303 m

Can’t wait until tomorrow as I will be taking a Nero at top of Georgia hostel in Hiawassee Georgia. It will be good to have a shower wash my clothes and generally clean up a bit.

Despite wanting to tent at campsites when I first started out, I have found myself gravitating towards shelters, I think part of it is access to water, privy and fellow hikers. While I travel solo every day there is something to be said for meeting hikers at a specific point like a shelter.

There is a comradery and you are associating with other people who understands exactly what it is that you are going through. I imagine soon enough they will be less and less fellowship as we start coming in later having done more miles every day. I have been quite fortunate to be mixing with some really good people.

Today is another mist filled morning, which is a beautiful way to start the day. Before too long the mist lifts, the sun comes out and transforms the trail. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around the changing scenery. I hope after a 1000 miles I still feel this way.

I am taking photos alongside random white blazers along the trail which I want to turn into a video to showcase the changes in my face – I will be really interested to see the results. 😊

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