Day 16 & 17 Franklin NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

This is just a quick update… I got a lift from Ron Havens Budget Inn shuttle on the 16th coming from Longbranch shelter in the morning, and had intended on just having the Nero on the Tuesday.

I decided to stay at the Budget Inn rather than the hostel as I really just wanted some time out on my own. The cost is $40 per night, it is definitely a Budget Inn, but after sleeping out in nature for a couple of weeks four walls, a flushing toilet and a bed is great!

The last couple of days on the trail have been wet and cold and I have had a campsite on a bit of a lean therefore been rolling off the mattress throughout the night so haven’t had the best night sleep for a couple of days.

I had been wondering how I’ve been going on the trail overall, as I’m up to about the fourth lot of hikers that I’ve been bunny hopping with and am not achieving the milage I thought I would be.

However, since being here I have met up with several past hikers and realised that I am only about one or two days out from the others who I thought would have long moved on. So all in all I am quite happy with my progress thus far however, it is time to start looking at upping the number of miles I do per day in order to make it to the end in time.

Oh and I got my sunglasses back from kilt guy which pleased me no end! Great timing to be here at the same time, as he didn’t know how to get them back to me and no doubt didn’t want to have to carry them for much longer.

More gear changes have been made:

  • My Z-Packs rain jacket separated at the seams along one arm and partly down one side. I have been trying to save weight and using the rain jacket for warmth at night while sleeping which evidently wasn’t wise. Also I have been trying to use it at camp to keep warm which hasn’t worked either.
  • The Sea to Summit poncho has been great in light rain or dashing to the privy at night however, during the last downpour it was not convenient to use instead of a rain jacket at all
  • The bear bag I got in Hiawassee Georgia is not working for me either, it is too large and not contained enough for what I need.

Therefore I now own a puffy jacket, a proper Patagonia rain jacket, Sea to Summit dry bag which I use for a bear bag and a sleeping bag liner. I was so cold over the last two nights I realised I couldn’t go on like that at all, even though summer is supposed to kick in properly over the next two weeks – I’m not willing to wing it any further, especially with the Smokey Mountains coming up.

I get back on the trail tomorrow and am looking forward to it – although I will be fully laden after resupplying and will be going uphill. 😊


  1. I enjoyed all of your posts this last week and got to read them one after the other. You’re getting some waterlogged walking days under your belt already which should prepare you well for what to expect at other stages along the way. It’s interesting reading the gear and clothing adjustments as you’re progressing, shame about the bear canister as it was a pricey addition to end up sending back home. Some really great photos too. The one from about a week ago which shows the twisted, burnt out trees was eerie and yet my fave so far 🙂

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