Day 19 Wayah Bald Shelter NC on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Friday 28 April

Total Distance: 11.9km

Mountains: Siler Bald Summit 5001ft / 1524m, Wayah Bald 5342ft / 1628m

360° view from Siler Bald

Today was an unusually long and hard day – and once at the shelter I was pleased to note that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way, a whole day of up basically.

To make matters worse I was not in the mood for hiking at all…although of course this is completely irrelevant, as one must still keep walking.

As pretty as the scenery is these days as spring really takes hold, it did nothing for my mood today.

The trick I realised early on, was to walk really quickly past any shelters or campsites so I would have no choice but to keep going toward the destination. Every 15 minutes all I had in my head was,’am I there yet?’. Then I would check the GPS and no, I was bloody ages away.

This was the first day of its kind for me – and from what I hear, there will be more to come! Not only was I not interested in hiking but I was also really concerned about the miles yet to come and how few I’ve done in the time I’ve been here.

The other day I felt fine and chilled with it all. But I know from speaking with others at the shelters that this is not unusual for Trail life – you are left inside your own head for at least 6 hours everyday.

Anyway all you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep walking basically – at no time have I felt like quitting though.

North Carolina AT path so far can be summed up with the two r’s:

  • Roots and
  • Rocks

Tree roots hold the path together and one is constantly tripping up on them, and enough rocks to be tiring.

I have been hiking with Imposter for a few days now and it was good for morale to walk into camp and see a friendly face.

Oh and I have apparently I have found my laugh again…a couple walked into camp and commented that they heard me laugh from a mile away…and that it sounded good/inviting.

Alls well that ends well 😊


  1. well its sunday morning and i am sipping a coffee as i read your updates… you are inspiring .. and so pleased to hear you got your laugh back.. pretty important that you do more of that … lol.. anyway.. you have made me feel that i need to get my arse off this chair and get out and walk the neighbours dog… so thanks for that.. enjoy your updates so much and also admire your strength .. you got this… go fiesty go… 🙂


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