Day 40 – 41 to Hot Springs NC to Greene TN on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Saturday 20 May and Sunday 21 May

Total Distance: 17.6 km

Mountains: Rich Mountain 3532ft

Once back into Hot Springs we naturally went for something to eat…I had chilli cheese fries which I would come to regret.

Town was packed of course with the car show still in full swing. I changed out my shirt, it is just getting too hot now for long sleeves. My original thinking was long sleeves help prevent ticks, oh well, I shall have to use the trusty Aerogard cause short sleeves are cooler.

Very happy to be back on the Trail, however starting out at 2.00pm after chilli cheese fries and warm drinking water in the hot and humid weather going up – as is the norm on the trail – was a challenging combination. The fries felt like a lump in my stomach that refused to move. Lol 😂

A local lady was walking the trail to the top of Lovers Leap Rock provided Trail magic in the form of ice. It was fantastic!

Decided to combine two days in one blog as they were both short; yesterday was short because we started late and it was hot and humid, today was short because it was raining, cold and everything was wet.

I got to the Spring Mountain Shelter and was just done! I was cold soaked – my rain jacket is great and keeps the rain off me but of course I sweat inside the jacket so become soaked.

Oh I almost forgot, two things:

  1. Having always had trouble with cracked heels I have seen a podiatrist, ordered cream online to try and combat the issue with limited success. However since being on the trail they have healed, I’m not sure what that’s about but I’m happy all the same.
  2. I saw a little tortoise today, which I so wanted to pick up but didn’t dare interfere.

Tomorrow I want to set off early as I want to do 15 miles (25kms). To encourage me to walk further I am carrying only enough food for four days to get me through to Erwin. If I take longer I am figuring, I will be so hungry (or distressed because I have no food) I will be running to Erwin. 😊


  1. On my way to work, catching the train to work.
    Really enjoying reading your blogs, on your hikoi.
    Love you heaps my Sis😊


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