Day 45 – 47 Flag Pond TN to Erwin TN on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Thursday 23 May to Saturday 27 May

Total Distance: 43.3 km

Mountains: Big Bald 5374ft

I had a plan to increase my milage slowly over the next few days. With a view to maintaining a minimum of 15 miles a day from the Natures Inn Hostel onwards.
I figured this would prepare me for some of the easier sections coming up where I might be able to do 20 maybe 25 miles a day – which would put me in good stead for Katahdin.

Walking musings: Past this sign and had to wonder how many acres was actually granted, because the land we are walking through seems fairly substantial. Also wondered what caveats were put on the land about how it could be used in the future.

After feeling a bit funky and suffering from a little bit of the poor me’s disease, I had to have a talk with myself and kick myself into action. So doing a big day into Uncle Johnny’s was exciting and I was really looking forward to it.
Well somehow it all turned to custard. I’m not sure how or why but it just did.

On the day I got into Uncle Johnny’s hostel I had done 16 miles with the previous day being about 13 miles. I had bought new shoes and they were identical to the last pair. The trial was typical all along the way; up and down, rocky with roots – nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I did see this little guy which took my mind off the pain for a moment.

However about 4/5 miles out from Uncle Johnny’s my left foot started to ache unlike anything I have had before. The top side of my foot felt unstable and every time my foot twisted in a normal way I had shooting pains, every time I stood on a rock the wrong way I had shooting pains. It was incredible!

So as soon as I got into Uncle Johnny’s I grabbed a tentsite and ice. The ice was good. Not clear on how long I am going to be here or what’s going to happen it’s a long weekend this weekend for Memorial Day.

Dr Google says it could be a stressed 5th metatarsal bone, what ever it is let’s hope I’m not here too long!.😊

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