Day 59 – 60 Bakersville NC to Roan Mountain TN on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Thursday 7 June, Friday 8 June

Total Distance:  393.7 miles

Mountains: Roan Mountain 6212 ft, Round Bald 5813 ft, Jane Bald 5813 ft, Big Yellow Mountain 5271, Hump Mountain 5587 ft

As I look out over the hills I can’t help but think about Dad and contemplate the year gone by since his passing. I miss my dad and the excitement he would have conveyed over my current adventure. Hmmmm

The Overmountain Shelter is old converted barn which overlooks some stunning scenery. It was a great place to call in for lunch, I had originally thought about staying here but I got there to early so I carried on.

There were a few balds to climb. The only downer for me; the paths are quite narrow therefore it was hard for me to walk on them with my foot being sore and inflexible as it is at the moment. Took me awhile to get to where I needed to go.

I’ve now seen quite a number of deer on the trail, and today I thought I saw a young Buck – well it was a dear with horns anyway. Still waiting on the black bear.

Since leaving Georgia the trial has Chris crossed over the Tennessee and North Carolina border, however apparently we are now leaving North Carolina and entering Tennessee. I will just be estatic to hit Virginia at last, entering the fourth state along the trail.

In three corners of my tent small holes have appeared, it looks like the material has been overstretched, not sure how this is happened since I take great care. I’ve also had a number of repairs in the floor, so overall while the tent is great for being lightweight and easy to set up it isn’t that hardy.

As it continues to warm up I am needing my winter gear less and less, therefore I shall be bouncing it forward once I hit Demascus. I’m looking forward to this as it will definitely make a positive impact on the weight of my backpack. 😊


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