Day 76 – 83 Marion VA to Pearisburg VA on 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Saturday 24 June to Saturday 1 July

Total Distance:  634.3 miles

Mountains: Glade Mountain 4113 ft, Walker Mountain 3432 ft, Lynn Camp Mountain 3035 ft, Chestnut Knob 4393 ft

Just outside of Marion is the Lindamood one room school founded in 1894. There was no trail  magic inside – figured it was due to being at the end of the season. Either way I had looked forward to seeing this school and wasn’t disappointed.

It was quaint and the rules made you wonder if they actually worked in controlling the kids.

Pleasantly surprised by the wild blackberries which were a yummy and welcome treat.

I have now gone more than a quarter of the way along the trail and am struggling with the mental battle so coming across anything out of the everyday – like ‘Bambi’ can help occupy your mind for a while.

Or random trail magic…

Virginia is hot and humid with quite tropical lush scenery. Some of the highlights are of course the views from the mountains and knobs especially in the early morning. Otherwise the bush and fields can all look the same after a while – beautiful but the same.

During this section I met some pretty cool hikers, 4 Low, Tailgate and Puppy Love.

My foot is still sore but improving slightly, the days are blending into one long blur to a certain degree, and there has been nothing that stood out overly in this section.

Getting ready to leave Pearisburg tomorrow, resupplied for the next seven days and not sure if I will have reception or not, so have a good few audiobooks to listen to till I hit civilisation again. 😊


  1. Fascinating list of lashes available. A segregated school, yet only boys are lashed for ‘misbehaving to girls’ and not vice versa. They could have covered everything by just listing the one though: ‘Any evidence of fun…Lashed to death.’

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  2. Onwards and upwards……………..! I can’t imagine even thinking of taking on a journey such as yours, Serena. Hopefully your blogs – with gorgeous photos – is one of the things that help to keep you sane; and meeting friendly fellow hikers must be great. Shirley

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