Day 144 – 154 Glencliff NH to Monson ME 2017 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike

Thursday 31 August to 10 September 2017

Total Distance:  2072.0 miles

States and AT Mileage: New Hampshire 116.9 miles (from Glencliff), Maine 164 miles (to Monson)


  • White Mountains: Mt Moosilauke 4802 ft, Mt Wolf 3478 ft, South Kinsman Mountain 4358 ft, North Kinsman Mountain 4293 ft, Little Haystack Mountain 4800 ft, Mt Lafayette 5623 ft, Mt Garfield 4458 ft, South Twin Mountain 4902 ft, Mt. Guyot 4580 ft, Mt Webster 3910 ft, Mt Pierce (Mt Clinton) 4312 ft, Mt Washington 6288 ft, Mt Jefferson 5405 ft, Thunderstorm Junction 5500 ft, Mt Madison 5366 ft, Lowes Bald 2849 ft, Wildcat Mountain peak E 4066 ft, Wildcat Mountain peak D 3990 ft, Wildcat Mountain peak C 4278 ft, Wildcat Mountain peak A 4422 ft….and the list goes on!

Some people have opened their homes/sheds/basements to thru hikers taking only donations. This ‘hostel’ is one such place and given I never saw the owner, so handing over a donation was redundant. Instead I did work for stay and helped clean up.

The place is only known through word of mouth and isn’t listed anywhere. If you tell the shuttle driver to take you to this place they know exactly where to take you.

Not only was the shed set up with bunks, but you could tent in the yard and there was a washing machine, dryer and shower/toilet available for use. The place has been in use since at least 2012 – according to the hiker year posters on the walls. Cost savings is always in the fore front of your mind as a hiker.

The Whites have been leg and knee killing. So many mountains with roots, mud, rain, cold, hand over foot climbing, butt sliding, tripping and falling it certainly has been challenging.

​It was unfortunate that I had no view from Mt Washington – a stark reminder of Clingmans Dome…all that effort and a once in a lifetime climb and nothing but cloud and drizzle.


However there were definitely times the clouds blew over exposing a view that gave a sense of the sheer majesty of this place.

I managed to catch up with a couple of hikers I had started out with such as Tex. He and I (along with a few others) were walking together in Georgia up to Neels Gap. I am hoping I might run   into a few more through the 100 mile wilderness. Butter Bear is in Monson so it will be good to catch up with her. She has summited Katahdin already so will be able to give me pointers.

I also got to see my first Moose. I was told if I get up early and am near a pond I might see one. So I camped out at a pond, got up early and booyeah, saw a Moose. It was just swimming around enjoying itself until it saw me, where upon it headed out on to the shore. The picture isn’t that great but had to include it.

After all the various types of terrain I’ve experienced and the daily mileage I’ve done I am excited to do some of the walks in the Grampians to gauge any increase in ability. Maine is arguably the most physically intensive state on the AT.

As the miles and the days march on, the leaves change colour, the daylight hours shorten and the temperature drops I am reminded that my time on the Appalachian Trail is coming to an end filling me with a raft of different emotions.

My next blog post will be the last from the trail -which is mind boggling. The next phase of this journey will no doubt be contemplative, reflective and hard as I make my way to Katahdin.  😊


  1. Beautiful last pic with the change in colour of the foliage. Unbelievable effort Serena. It’s been fascinating and insightful following your trek. Hope you enjoy your remaining steps 🏔🔚

    Liked by 1 person

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